Vivian May Naturals, the combination of creator Diane’s Maternal and Paternal Grandmothers, the name really reflects the ethos of the company and business and what her Grandparents and parents instilled in each of us, use as much of nature as you can and you will be alright!!      

Inspired by candles and everything they bring to a home Diane decided at Vivian May Naturals she would make 100% soy candles, wax melts, room diffusers and room sprays. She would use high quality ingredients and ingredients that are kind to the earth and your homes.

When She’s not mixing pouring packing labelling and selling you can find Diane lecturing on anatomy and Physiology at a college not too far from home.

At Vivian May Naturals they love making candles, finding it so therapeutic, so each batch is made with good intentions, care and attention to detail.

Diane hopes that a Vivian May Naturals product will help you create a mood and a memory.