Introduction to Block Printing on Fabric
Sunday 26 April – 10am – 12:30pm
We Make Bristol 16 Canford Lane Bristol BS9 3DH

Hosted by Melanie Wickham

During this 2 and a half hour workshop you will learn to create your own designs, carve them into blocks and then hand print fabric.


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Detailed Workshop Description

You will try out the different lino cutting tools, find out how to use them safely and look at the different marks they make. We will see how to turn an image into a suitable one for a lino/soft cut block (in reverse and which bits to cut away or leave) to make a design for using on fabric.

Then we will look at lots of source material to give us ideas for designs. Drawing skills aren’t needed as we can trace and use shapes, so no artistic skills are required.

Once we have made our designs we will transfer the images to our lino/soft cut and carve them out.

The next step will be learning about inking up the blocks and using them to print our designs onto fabric.

Participants will be able to take home their printed items and also the carved blocks which can be used again if anyone wants to carry on printing at home.

The fabric inks will still be wet as the workshop ends, so if you have a tray/box etc to transport your fabric home whilst keeping it flat please bring it, some boxes will also be available!

Suitable for secondary age and above.