Kari started sewing for her daughter, having become more and more disillusioned by the mini me style outfits, and kid unfriendly styles adorning the shelves of children’s clothing stores – especially for a girl, She discovered it was particularly difficult to find colourful items using comfortable designs for little ones to wear and be dressed in.

Kari uses the most stunning array of bright, child friendly, organic fabrics of truly fantastic quality in Europe. She takes time to carefully select fabrics which are totally child focused and can be worn by either gender. They are beautiful and all of premium, outstanding quality.

In 2018, Kari received the ‘Let Clothes be Clothes Award’ and became an approved retailer of gender neutral clothing.

On her items, you will find longer than average waistbands and cuffs, (where patterns allow) which can be folded and unfolded as little one grows meaning the items can be worn for longer.

Available to purchase In Store only

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