Kay Morgan

After completing a degree in Constructed Textiles in 2001 and then working in the retail industry, Kay decided to set up her own business in 2007 concentrating on making leather purses and handbags from vintage fabrics and clothing.

Since 2011 she has been evolving her jewellery range, inspired by a need to repurpose all the remnant leather from her purse making practice. This ethos is now central to her business and she now only uses reclaimed leather, which she buys as a waste product from the manufacturing process.

All her products are handmade by her at her home studio in Bristol. Every piece created is cut using hand tools and assembled by hand ensuring it’s uniqueness.

She enjoy’s experimenting with colour and shapes, creating graphic, colourful jewellery which is lightweight and easy to wear. Her work is heavily influenced by both shape and colour, through this love she aims to create work which is both bold and bright yet still keeping a simple graphic, geometric style.

Every item is hand-crafted and individually constructed using vintage leather punches, with every detail carefully considered ensuring each item is both functional, beautiful and tactile.

Available to purchase Online only