Birnbeck Designs

Harriet learnt to sew at an early age when as a typical teenager she was keen to be different and not follow the crowd. So, her mum suggested she get sewing and make her own clothes using her trusty old Singer sewing machine.

After a career in project management and weekends full of sewing, Harriet has now decided it’s time to do what she loves and sew for a living.

Harriet makes handbags and purses and is particularly inspired by Japanese design. With a keen eye for upcycling vintage fabrics, none of Harriet’s designs are the same, so you can own a truly unique handbag. Some of her bags are made in pleather, some wool and many have recycled leather features.

Harriet has designed a lot of bags for friends and family and loves creating commissions that match the personality and style of her customers, both inside and out!

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