Nina Brabbins

Artist and maker Nina Brabbins is interested in exploring the Human effect on the Natural world and our lack of connection towards it. She creates organic forms, baskets and jewellery using a variety of random weave and coil basketry techniques and traditional hand embroidery skills which are then reinterpreted into a more contemporary context and approach.

Her jewellery and baskets looks at how this lack of connectivity with the natural world is resulting in the ever-growing environmental issue of plastic waste both on the land and in the oceans. Nina hopes to be able to create awareness or even just a moment of thought given to these environmental issues. The process of natural growth in nature helps to describe the shapes of the sculptures. Through material sensitivity she intends each part to be a representation of either the natural or human world. By perversely beautifying ghost nets and beach detritus, Nina questions the problems of our throw away culture. With instant gratification at our fingertips and with most of us living a fast paced, highly stressful life style, Nina thinks it is important to slow down and take a breath and appreciate traditional crafts such as embroidery and basketry.

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